Sony Alpha A58M + 18-140mm or Canon t5i/700D + ef-s 18-55 & 55-250mm


Mar 10, 2017
Hi buddies, I'm extremely confused which camera I should buy. I'm confused between Sony A58M 18-135mm lens or canon 700d with two normal lens. This will be my first DSLR I'm more inclined towards Sony A58M because it has in-body focus motor & In-built stabilization, faster autofocus my main purpose of camera is shooting videos for YouTube . Please help me which one should I buy? Or should I think about Nikon d5300 but I'm scared because Nikon d5300 Hunts focus & makes huge noise when focusing I know it's best for still photography but my main purpose is Video shooting. Please Help me


Mar 16, 2016
Don't worry about the focus motor, both Canon and Sony do just fine in this area for casual photography and home-use video.
Also Nikon cameras do not make noise while focusing. You must have heard a d5300 being used with a defective lens.

How long are the videos you plan on making? Are they the typical VLOG style?

If they are vlog style, you don't want auto-focus. It will cause any camera to hunt in and out of focus during the shoot. if it is not vlog style, but more action and such, you should get a more action oriented camera than the ones you are considering If you want to be able to do a single take of over 30 minutes you need to either get an actual video camera or get a Panasonic GH series camera..

I have shot the Sony mount, Canon mount and Nikon mount. I prefer the Nikon. If I were to try to make an "artistic" or particularly high quality video, I would use one of my Nikon full-frame cameras. If I were to make a mid-tier video (decent quality) I would use my Panasonic GH camera. For casual video or video in poor weather I typically will use a Sony rx10. The Sony is not a DSLR, it is not capable of as thin depth of field and lacks the special types of dynamic range that larger sensor cameras can produce. But it has a decent size sensor (1") and a very good lens (24-200mm f/2.8 constant aperture).
I use the GH3 to record all sorts of events (concerts, etc). it is weather sealed and if I used one of my weather sealed lenses it is fine in the rain. However for sporting events I typically use the rx10 for video. I live in the Seattle area where poor-weather is nearly a given and with the rx10 I never have to change lenses. For still images (including sports, events, etc) I mainly use my Nikon d750.
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