Sony Bravia TV restarts on connecting HDMI


Feb 15, 2011
I got this new 24" Bravia TV recently. My SD set-top box was connected using component video cable and things were smooth. I switched to another cable provider (Videocon D2H) with an HD set-top box yesterday.....and connected it to my TV using the HDMI cable.

Now the TV seems to restart itself every few seconds when the HDMI cable is in. The display blacks out, then the "SONY" logo appears, and then whatever channel was on appears.

It's as if my TV turns off and then turns back on every now and then...although the green light (ON) does not really go red (OFF)....perhaps it happens so fast that the red light does not come on?

When I removed the HDMI cable and connected the box using component video cable, it's working fine but the picture quality is obviously not HD.

Sony says my cable provider is at fault and my cable provider says it's Sony's fault!

I checked this up online and it seems that this only happens when a Sony TV is paired with my specific cable provider (Videocon D2H)! Someone even got his box changed for a new one from the same cable provider but the problem remained.

What do I do? I do not want to change my provider because it's the only one which has all the specific channels that I watch. I'd rather change the TV.....but is that really the last resort?

Do I buy a new HDMI cable? I don't have any other device with HDMI which I can check my TV with. Do I try connecting it to a laptop with HDMI? I'd have to borrow a friend's laptop for a day.

What could be the problem? I've done a factory reset, changed the power outlet, removed the power strip...but no help.


Oct 2, 2009
Yes, get a friends Laptop and also get his working HDMI cable to check the things out.
What is your Bravia Model?
What have you got the Videocon STB settings on when it comes to outputs....?
If possible go to the closest Reliance Digital outlet, or ChromaRetail and check to see if their ditto tv's using the same STb are having similar's just a glance around these malls, but, the guys there, really don't know what you're looking for.
If you see your TV hanging there you can always ask them to give you a demo... and at the same time you'll also see what STB they're using, since that watermark is there on every screen.


Jan 9, 2014

To my knowledge, it is nothing to do with the cable. It is all that, the HDMI cable picks up the RF interference from near by devices. The problem is not with the TV either. Since there is a fluctuation in the data through the HDMI it goes to stand by mode and returns back.

To fix this, you can add a troid on the HDMI cable (if it does not have one already). Troid (Ferrite beed) is a small cylinderical part that is present in the end of the cable. Or try to coil the extra hdmi cable (Raduce its lenght) and place the loop inside a wooden box or rusted box made out of iron.



May 21, 2016
Hi, friends, ""harisudharsan" solution works for me.. my sony bravia ex330 32'' was restart itself every few second after as i do connect my videocon STB with hdmi.., The display blacks out, then the "SONY" logo appears and tv get start again.. but as i do connect my tv to laptop with HDMI or STB with video cable it was working fine.. as explained by harisudarsan problem may be happen becouse of RF interference from near by devices.. i did checked my all other devices and i found my STB charger was heating too much.. i changed that charger.., and my problem of restaring tv got solved, now my tv working fine with hdmi , RF interference may be happen becouse of faulty STB charger..

Thanks harisudharsan and tom's guide..