Question Sony Handycam 990X No Playback - Black Screen Help Please

Feb 2, 2024
Hi guys,
I have some old family tapes that I want to transfer to my PC by Firewire.
Just done some Mini DV transfers from my JVC camcorder so I know my connections are working OK.

I have some old Hi8 tapes that were recorded by another camcorder that I now want to transfer. The original camcorder playback was pixelated and distorted even after cleaning so I bit the bullet and I bought a Sony Handycam 990X to use instead.

The handycam will record and playback but when I try to playback tapes from the original recorder, all I get is a black screen in the viewfinder.

Does anyone have any idea as to why this would be, any advice would be gratefully received as this is really frustrating.

Many thanks