sony vaio laptop boot up in loop continuously and not going forward


Oct 27, 2015
My sony vaio laptop was working well, but from today morning, on start up, it keep on repeating showing vaio icon and not going forward for boot up normally. it repeatly shows vaio symbol then not doing anything on next step.

I have tried removing battery, plug removed , push bottom of power after battery removing. I tried F8 / F10 buttons but its not showing option of safe mode. I have tried removing RAM and clean and reinstalled but its not working still.

Please help me to solve this issue

Please do try this test to determine what really is causing that problem.
- Remove the HDD and see if it will get pass the Sony Vaio screen because if it does that means it's your suspect.
- Reseat the RAM, remove them all for couple of seconds then put them back in making sure that they are seated properly.
- If by removing the HDD don't get pass the Sony splash screen that means that your Motherboard is the problem.
- Lastly try and reseat the CMOS battery, remove if for couple of seconds then put it back in and see if it will get pass the Sony splash screen.