Sony VAIO SVF13N24CXB Flip PC laptop. svf13n24cxb. 3 months old. svf13n24cxb.

Lang Nguyen

Oct 17, 2014
Sony VAIO SVF13N24CXB Flip PC laptop. svf13n24cxb. my 3 months old

Sony vaio fit 13 was running okay yesterday....
the computer tried to install update, it took a day and hung. i power off.
I can't turn on. i pressed the ASSIST button.
it went dead. completely dead. no power and won't turn on.
I need to backup my data (get my data from laptop). it is important data. i do not want to lose them.

can anyone suggest me?
If it will not power on at all, you may be looking a dead main board. To preserve your data, you'll need to physically remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer (you can do this either by installing it to another laptop with a SATA port, via a USB adapter, or install it to an external enclosure and connect the enclosure to another PC, then back up the contents you need to the host computer).

At 3 months, as long as it wasn't purchased from anyone shady, you should be able to contact Sony and send the laptop in for service. They're liable to format the hard drive though (or even replace it), so be sure you back up what you need before shipping the laptop!