Sony Vaio VPCF12 shuts down after very limited use and fan isn't running.... overheating issue?


Nov 21, 2013
My 3 year old vpcf12 has run flawlessly for me until this weekend. On a cold start it runs for roughly 2 minutes, freezes at the Windows logo and then shuts down on me. If I fire it back up immediately it will power off within 20-30 seconds. Leaving the computer in BIOS still causes the power down on a cold start. If I let the computer sit for an hour it will go back to staying on for approximately 2 minutes. I have popped the back off and, sure enough, the fan is doing nothing and the copper line to the heat-sink is too hot to touch after ~1 minute so my best guess is the computer is shutting down to protect itself.

Will a replacement fan solve this issue or am I looking at something more serious? The replacements aren't very cheap and my computer knowledge is limited so I'd appreciate a little guidance before I start spending money.

Thank you and please let me know if any additional info will help!