Sony Vegas 10 & 14 hard lock during render


Nov 14, 2007
It's just a short video that normally is about 17 minutes long and I've just compressed it to about 5 minutes by holding CTRL while dragging. During render it would hard lock at various places.

Things I've tried:
Disabled GPU Acceleration in Video Options and set processes from 16 to 8 as have 8 core AMD.
Tried both LAME and Sony AVC 1080P rendering. Tried disabling multi-core preview in hidden tab "Internal" in Preferences / Options. Tried all this with various combinations. Have Win 10 and tried setting to Vista SP2 compatibility.

Now for some videos it doesn't have any problems rendering. I recall on Vegas 10 with a lot of photo's of a high pixel size could cause it to randomly freeze and after I resized all photo's to 720 it didn't freeze, but this video doesn't have any photo's, just resizing a mp4 video.

CPU is a FX-9590 4.7Ghz that is liquid cooled and during rendering averages 54c but can get up to 63c. In watching temps, can lock up at 54c. Computer doesn't lock up otherwise during video game play. I don't think its a heat issue as these temps are well within spec. Have 16GB, tried setting 4000MB & 6000MB to playback memory as only using 33% while rendering, still will hard lock. No error codes. I upgraded to 14 today from 10 hoping it'd fix the problem but it didn't.

I may try rerendering the source video with TMPGNC and then use Sony to speed it up and shorten the video to see if that'll render.

Thanks for any help!