Dec 12, 2012

Next week I'm gonna buy SONY XPERIA and i find out that there are many xperia that's fits in my budget mostly I'm gonna use my new mobile phone for gaming and SMS.

here are the list :

1. Sony Xperia E Dual Sim:

2. Sony Xperia Miro

3. Sony Xperia Neo L MT25i

4.Sony Xperia U ST25i

5. Xperia Sola (MT27i)

6. Sony Xperia Tipo ST21i

Please tell me what the best mobile phone among my choices.

Thanks in advance.


The screens on all the phones except for the Neo is under 4" and if you main interest I games then you would be playing on a smaller screen so with the Neo you at least have the 4" screen , a 5.0mp camera and the ICS operating system.
The new Experia E will have a small screen , a 3.2mp camera but it will have the Jelly Bean OS.
You will have to open a tab with each phone so you can compare side by side what each has for features and then one by one eliminate a phone that doesn't match up to your requirements and you should be left with one or two then you just have to make a decision.
Asking people to do this for you is not a great idea because everybody has different tastes and what I like may not be important to you and the same with the next person and you could be stuck with not the ideal choice for you.

Not every phone gets upgraded to the newest OS so you may want to keep that in mind when deciding , Sometimes the best thing to do is to get the phone that has the newest OS and that way you may have a shot at one upgrade at least. Nothing says that a phone with Gingerbread will be upgraded to ICS let alone Jelly Bean.

A good rule to follow would be to write down what is most important to yu in the phone and then use that when looking at these phone models to see which one comes the closest.