Question Sound bar help required. Please

Oct 10, 2020
Please can someone help.
We have a Panasonic Home theatre audio system. Model SC-HTB690 with a Samsung UE46ES television.
The sound bar stops working when you change from dvd to sky, or sky from television. It as never done this before.
it works fine on my other television.
I can change to sky, to dvd, to normal television no problem.
I am sure it’s probably just a setting but I haven’t got a clue.
I have been trying all sorts and spent hours with it.
apart from throwing it through the nearest window. I am at my wits end.
From your description the soundbar works but loses the audio when you change inputs on the TV.
You can check the TV audio settings and try changing the audio output type.
You don't mention how it's connected to the TV. If you are using HDMI-ARC then try using the optical audio output instead. ARC can sometimes cause problems.
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