Sound bar issues with HDMI switch


Mar 26, 2017

I recently purchased a Philips TV and soundbar, connected by HDMI ARC. All was working fine, except there were not enough HDMI inputs on the TV. I then purchased an HDMI switch, which is when the problem began.

With the switch connected, I find that the audio from the soundbar is intermittent. Typically it works for a couple of days, then stops for a few days, then may return for a day or so etc etc.

I tried returning the switch, stating that it was disrupting the dolby digital audio path, but the seller (Consumerele) responded as follows:

"First of all, I think you should know that the switch is not hinder the HDMI signal in the DTS and Dolby and other multi-channel audio transmission.
Second, please confirm that your output unit really supports DTS? Because it can support decoding DTS and Dolby soundbar less

Could it be the TV not coping with the signal? Even allowing for broken English I'm not sure the response makes sense.

I cannot get the soundbar output back unless I power cycle the whole lot at the wall, except for the DVD - that seems to always work OK.

Would a different switch have the same issue? How do I get round the problem? Can anyone give me a well worded reason to return the switch? I'm after a system that works reliably!

Thanks very much in advance.

TV: Philips 32PHT4001
Soundbar: Philips HTL2163B
HDMI switch: Porteta]]Porteta 5 port v1.4[/url]
Switch inputs: TiVo, Amazon Firestick, DVD player, Wii via HDMI adapter.
Switch connects all inputs to TV HDMI 1.
Soundbar connected to TV HDMI 2 (ARC).


Mar 26, 2017

Thanks for your response americanaudiophile.

I'd prefer to use ARC to connect the soundbar to the TV as the signal also carries the CEC signal. Hence the volume of the soundbar is controlled by the TV remote rather than yet another remote (I'm trying to make it simple for my wife and kids). That said, I will give optical a go.

I know the switch is not listed as ARC compatible, but it is listed as being compatible with Dolby Digital and meets HDMI spec v1.4 (I understand this audio spec is required for a TV to output an ARC signal). Hence I thought it should work fine. What I don't understand is why the ARC connection sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Could it be heat related?
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