Sound from older receiver not working on HDTV with HDMI cable box


Jun 25, 2014
Hello, I am having an issue getting sound to work properly, I have an array of old and new equipment, just hoping for any suggestions.

List of my devices:
Rear projection HDTV: Samsung HL-R4266W (circa 2006) (HDMI in 1x, AV in/out, component in/out, optical out, s-video in/out, coax in/out)
Receiver: Sony STR-V200 Dolby 5.1 (circa 1998) (red & white audio in/out)
Xfinity cable adapter: coax in/out and 1 HDMI output only (2016)

-The tv has 1 HDMI input, which works fine with the tv speakers, but I cannot get sound to my receiver speakers to work unless I am on cable (coax) input, which sucks because it is not HD.
-The receiver only has red and white input/outputs on the back ( it is older, 1998) with multiple inputs (TV, video, tape, radio)
-I have red and white audio going from the tv to the receiver but only works when the tv in in coax input, when switching to hdmi, there is no sound to my receiver from tv.
-I also have a dvd player that is hooked up through component to tv, and that works fine with the receiver sound (the coax also passes through the dvd player)

I am also stumped on how to get the 5.1 to work, with only r&w out/inputs, I am not sure how that works. (but this an issue for another time, Unless someone knows what to do)

Here are some of my thoughts:
-Find a way to get the TV to output through both HDMI and r&w audio (maybe a setting in the secret menu?)
-Some sort of audio converter adapter that will make this work

Summary: get sound from receiver to TV from HDMI cable box

I know I am sounding redundant, but I just want to make sure everything is on the table.

Does anyone have any suggestions other than get new equipment?

I consider myself tech savvy and am confident there is a way to do this.


Justin D.