Solved! Sound only playing out of right headphone

Jan 13, 2019
I have a strange one. My PC suddenly stopped playing sound out of the left-hand side of my headphones. At first, I thought it was the headphones so I checked them. They're fine.

So I thought it was my Soundcard. I checked this by enabling the onboard sound and plugging it right into the computer but still, the sound is only coming out of the right side.

I've checked the balance and that is all okay.

I haven't changed any settings it suddenly just happened. Reinstalled all the drivers. Still nothing.

Any other ideas that I could try? I've checked all the cables. Would it be something to do with my motherboard?


back one are on the board audio chipset see in ontrol panel how it is detect and if it need driver update check you board manual to see if you use a realtek or via audio chipset might need to reinstall latest version pf it and if you could plug in the front panel on the board .
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