Speaker channel intermittently doesn't work


Jul 7, 2011
I have a set of Altec Lansing computer speakers (two speakers and a sub) that are giving me a strange problem.

The left channel of my speakers sometimes just randomly stops working. The only way i've been able to remedy the problem is to remove the cable from my computer's 1/8" audio jack and plug it back in. This temporarily restores sound to the speaker.

Removing the cable on the subwoofer end and plugging it back in does not have the same effect. I've torn into the speaker case to make sure that no wires or connections were loose, and have made sure that i'm getting clean contact with the speaker wire. Also, flipping the 1/8" cable around (so that the ends are in the other jacks......thought maybe one of the plugs was making a bad connection with a particular jack?) does not fix the problem.

I thought maybe it was a problem with the hardware in my computer like a bad jack or something, but i've since gotten a new computer. The problem still occurs.

I'm stumped. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Other notes:
Configuration of the speakers: Two speakers plug into subwoofer main unit via speaker wire. 1/8" audio cable goes from subwoofer to audio jack on computer.


Nov 24, 2011
I am not familiar with this problem, but can I suggest that in a logical fashion you try
swapping the connectors, the speakers and the output jacks and try and find a way to move the fault condition from left channel to right channel.
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