Speakers for practice


Nov 22, 2011
I am an instructor in a martial art class, and one of our classes is learning how to do forms to music. I need some speakers that I can take to class that will be loud enough for them to hear it and practice, but small enough that I can easily transport them. I would prefer something that plugs into the wall (doesn't use batteries). I can use Bluetooth or an aux cable, but I would prefer the aux cable. I would estimate the room at about 7500 cubic feet that we need to practice in.

Can someone please recommend me speakers that would fit this need?


Apr 11, 2004
Actually the 2.1 sound bar used with TV's might be ideal. If you put the mounting screws up on the wall or something, you could put the speakers up and then removed them at will. I have a set that works with Bluetooth as well as other audio / video connections. Here is a link of what I'm talking about:

Samsung Soundbar

This unit is the one I have and it's no longer made, but there are many like this one, I just used this one as an example.