Dec 25, 2013
Hey good evening everyone,

Ok... so I have been in the market.... well researching headsets for a couple of months now almost every night since i work overnight i have nothing but time :p

I am looking at the SteelSeries H Wireless gaming headset for a few reasons.... the overall comfort fit that I see people comment about, the feel, the construction, one main reason having two batteries and one charging inside the desktop control module that comes with the device, the range, plenty of reasons make the H Wireless headset very attractive! Even hearing the mic test from Linus tech tips i thought sounded just fine! I dont see what he meant saying it wasn't that good i mean he didn't diss on the mic obviously there would be better mic's out there but this one was just fine.

The only thing that throws me off is that hefty price tag! like wo! almost $300.00.... I am having a hard time trying to convince myself that buying this headset would be justifiable :p


What are your thoughts? I have never owned a wireless headset.... are these the norms in prices when it comes to quality? Is this price just worth it because of who they are?

The other headset I was remotely interested in was the Corsair H2100.... but already from a few people I have seen that the over ear cups have a tighter fit above your ear and a loose fit like on the bottom part of your ears so i dont know how big this issue would be for me per say but any feedback would be welcome as well..... not to mention i could probably buy 3 of these vs. 1 Steelseries H wireless headset.....


Edit: By the way.......If someone from Corsair would ever read this..... why oh why!!!!! did you give this headset yellow accents, a yellow ring around the plastic of the earcups, and the text.... more so the yellow ring is killing me.... If i go this route they are so getting colored black!

Images shown below for those who like visual aids :)

SteelSeries H Wireless Gaming Headset

Corsair H2100 Wireless Gaming Headset



Dec 25, 2013

Thanks for the reply, I swear if HyperX Cloud made a wireless version of their amazing headsdet.... I would wait this out and get theirs or get a cheapy set and get their headset knowing off the bat how good their headsets are I really want them but i just can't have wires :( and Steelseries I am very surprised noone else is doing a replaceable battery, well i've seen some other examples but nothing like charging a 2nd included battery in the dock and then replacing it for continuous use.

HYPERX COULD DO YOU HEAR ME? Make a Wireless headset! People (definitely me) will love you for it!
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