"stick" mp3 players?


Mar 7, 2004
A few years back I remember a friend from Korea having an mp3 player that was very small. it was probably a bit bigger than one of those portable USB key drives. The only thing I heard is that it was an "mp3 stick player"

I'm not looking to make the jump from CD to mp3 player, but I had a few questions.

Is there a name for these smaller sized mp3 players?
I currently use a converter from CD to tape deck for my car. Will an mp3 player support this system? (I'm pretty sure it will I just need some reassurance)
What is usually a popular site to buy this type of thing online?



Jan 14, 2003
they might also be called thumb drives or somthing similar. (thats their data equivialent)
but yeah i think they are called stick players or somthing

any online store will have them labeled as Mp3 players, just have a look.

yes the tape thing works

and a good website depends on your country. for me in my country it would be different from that of yours.

jsut do searches on the net and do a lot of research about the player you want, you will then be able to find the cheapest price on that player from a place like pricewatch.com or somthing (i think thats a website)


<A HREF="http://www.mud-puddle.co.nz" target="_new">http://www.mud-puddle.co.nz</A> its where its all going on, oh and its also all going on HERE <A HREF="http://doug.mud-puddle.co.nz/gallery/" target="_new">http://doug.mud-puddle.co.nz/gallery/</A>


Feb 15, 2002
Compact flash memory MP3 players. Yes they exist. There are a bunch of companies making them, mine is a little bigger than a cigarette lighter. I've had a Creative Nomad MuVo for about a year and it works great. It has 128MB of compact flash memory good for about 25 to 35 songs or about 2 or 3 hours of music (depending on quality and therefore file size). It's basically a thumb drive with an enclosure for a AAA battery, a couple of buttons, and a socket for headphones. You can find a generic equivalent for about $55 on <A HREF="http://http://www.newegg.com/app/manufact.asp?catalog=23&DEPA=0" target="_new">NewEgg</A> and they go up from there.

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