suggestions for processor needs and general performance.


Jul 27, 2013
Hi guys. I need to buy a new laptop and looking for something under 41000 indian rupees. I have found some great Samsung laptops in this range with great specs and design. I had a hp g6 pavilion previously and it gave me alot of problems with overheating and hardware problems. Is Samsung reliable in this aspect? Also, I am not a heavy gamer, just plat fida and football manager. Need this for movies(lots of data), heavy brwosing usage and some light coding and presentations. What is confusing me is the processor part. Will 3rd generation i3 be enough for my needs or and quad core A8? I have 3-4 laptops in my shortlist(light weight is also a factor). Can you suggest me which one to go for? Thanks.
I will post the links in the comments section