Surround sound on Yamaha rx-v371 not working


Feb 17, 2017
I Plugged my PC into my Yamaha RX-v371 via HDMI. My mobo is a MSI 970 gaming.

When I go the the speak setup for the hdmi I set it to quadraphonic. But the rear left along with just left and right and right came out through the front speakers only. The same result for 5.1.

I've set my receiver to each of the program settings (5.1, 5.1 enhanced, etc) and the result is always all the sounds playing through only the front left and right speakers.

I'm open to suggestions
You did go through the receiver setup?
That tells the receiver what outputs you have speakers connected to, which can handle bass, how far from you each is, and that each plays at the same volume on test in your seating position.
If your PC is outputting in digital surround sound the receiver will indicate this on the front panel. Set the surround mode to auto so the receiver can switch to the correct one. If the PC is in stereo then you need to select an analog surround mode designed to give you surround with a stereo input.
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