Surround sound related questions


Jan 24, 2013
I have a couple of things bothering my mind, and I can't find a good answer to them anywhere (they are scattered around like old history books) so I decided to ask all of them here, I hope you'll help.

I have stereo headphones, and a H55M-D2H motherboard (and apparently some sort of a realtk soundcard) so and I seem to have an option to emulate surround sound, and I ticked that option, but now in games, what setting do I need to put it on? 5.1? headphones? Stereo? (In order to get virtual, I'm not sure how it works)
2. My soundcard/motherboard only supports up to 5.1, if I was to let's say, buy Astro's a40's which use a digital surround 7.1 sound, will it be 7,1? Will my soundcard matter in that case?

3. If it does, what headphones will provide me with 7.1 without my soundcard limiting it?

Keep in mind I already have a microphone ( a blue yeti) so the microphone quality on them (or having one at all) does not matter, thanks!


random stalker

Feb 3, 2013

1, you usually put 5.1 in windows and games and it will be emulated through the headphone jack.
2, yes, as I see that it needs toslink for 5.1 audio and usb for powering the amp...
3, none. you know a good soundcards does miracles... but still great headphones are still more worth than a decent sound card :D but great headphones are reduced to worthless piece fo cr*p if your sound card can't handle them :D
also, there are very few true 5.1 / 7.1 headphones and they are very costly :D


Jan 24, 2013

From my understanding the razer megalodon's are able to provide with a virtual 7.1 surround sound without the need of your soundcard supporting 7.1
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