Surround sound sound football

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Apr 16, 2011
what surround sound system can produce surround sound for sport (even forced) with an input from my tv with it's own satelite hd tuner or v+ cable box? (or freeview hdtv).


Oct 15, 2007
thats silly.. no hd tuner or cable box comes with a surround sound speaker setup.
you would have to build one yourself.

now, if you are asking how to connect a surround sound system to the television as the television is connected to a hd box or cable box..
you could try to use the outputs from the television.. but that doesnt mean the speakers on the television will not be shut off when you turn the audio outputs on.
if the speakers do shut off, you might as well connect the tuner box directly to the surround sound speaker system.
but if the hd tuner/cable box only has digital outputs, and the surround sound system only has analog inputs.. you would have to connect the television digitally and use the analog outputs from the television.

almost all hd tuners/cable boxes have both analog and digital.
if the box doesnt have analog outputs.. its probably custom built.
all receivers made in the last 10 years have a digital input.. thats why they are 'receivers'
if what you are saying is that you already have a tv AND a cable box (or other input box) and you want to get a surround system that works with it...

then pretty much any HTiB or Receiver (+ speakers) setup will work. if the audio signal is only stereo (and not dolby surround, etc) then both solutions CAN extend the signal to the other speakers but you will not have true surround sound. the only way to get true surround sound is from a signal with a surround sound enabled audio feed.

as for how to hook everything up: you would most likely end up hooking the cable box up to the HTIB/Receiver box and then the tv to the HTIB/Receiver box.

quality counts

Apr 16, 2011
Thank you for your reply and I will clarify the situation.

I did have a sony DAV 400s system connected via optical input which I tried with either the tv's optical output or the v box optical output, but even after trying speaker volume adjustments and all sound modes of the system I never achieved "the crowd in the background feel I expected".

This system died just before xmas and I purchased a cheap pioneer system as it's dimensions were compatible with the "cut out" in my chimney breast that the sony system filled. Unfortunately this system only has analouge inputs and no matter what I connect it to, or what sound and mode settings I select I still don't get the surround sound experience I'm looking for.

Both of these systems work perfectly with a disc using a 5.1 system.

I would like to replace the cheap system unless I can get the desired sound. This will involve a modification to the chimney breast opening and so I would like to buy the right system first time. After my encounter with the sony system connected optically that still did not give surround sound for tv stations I am not sure what to buy.

There is of course the possibility that I have missed some setting but I think I have tried everything?
if you had to guess would you say that your old system and new system both sound like they are stereo (left channel, right channel) but not surround sound (3.1, 5.1, 7.1, etc) ? in regards to hd-tuner input signal.

you said that you get 5.1 surround sound when using the disk player. this confirms that the speaker sets were working absolutely fine.

sounds like the problem is either in how you are hooking up the system or in your hd tuner. you are probably getting only a stereo signal currently.

in total what outputs are on the HD-Tuner box? (hdmi? component?)
what inputs are on the speaker receiver? (typically hdmi, coax, component, etc)
you have the speaker receiver connected in this order? HDT->REC->TV
does surround sound even come with your satalite signal? if you aren't even getting hdsound from the source then you cannot expect it from your speakers.

again i'll reitterate: if you dont have a surround sound source then you won't ever get true surround sound. period. you can get all the speakers to play sound but it is not the same thing.
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