SVT1311M1ES | I am looking to upgrade my storage | Can yous help me identify the ports and what can go in there please?

Apr 23, 2018
This is Sony VAIO SVT1311M1ES - Click here for product specification page from the company

It runs Intel® Core™ i3-2367M Processor on Mobile Intel® HM77 Express Chipset.

I have the motherboard picture here marked 1, 2 and 3.

Port 2 & 3 says MINI next to it.
If mSATA is connected to port 2, does that mean it's a Mini PCI-E / mPCIe with mSATA controller integrated to it? (In the motherboard?)

The Intel HM77 chipset page says it supports PCI Express Revision 2.0 and Max # of PCI Express Lanes is 8.
Is there anything interesting that can go in these mPCIe 2.0 ports other than mSATA and WiFi cards?

Am I right in thinking that if I remove WiFi card from Port 3, I can add another storage?

    Honestly, I have reconfigured the Intel RST acceleration, made the mSATA available for storage, still recognized by the system as Disk 1 and have installed Windows 7 SP1 HP on it.
    Installed a 2TB 2.5" SATA Mechanical Samsung Drive in Port 1

What I am trying to achieve here is to buy a bigger mSATA Samsung 860 EVO SATA III mSATA 250GB

This mSATA Samsung PM830 32GB in Port 2 is getting very hot and running constantly at or above 55 deg C / 131 deg F. Is it normal for a drive with no enclosure running Windows 7 OS?

Apr 23, 2018

Ha! :D I think I am a little too excited about my new hobby and tinkering about the laptop under the hood, and did not convey my queries properly. :)

My main curiosity would be, what are those Port 2 and Port 3?
If I understand correctly, are those mPCIe ports (Revision 2.0)? Shouldn't mini PCI-Express (mPCIe) and mini SATA (mSATA) are be two separate standards incompatible with each other?

May I ask how come does that Port 2 take a mSATA card? Will Port 3 and take too?

What does Max # of PCI Express Lanes is 8, means? Do I have to watch out for anything whilst buying a new card?

Thanks, :p
Hi, the best way to learn is to be curious and ask questions, you can always search the Internet for what you don't understand. The PCH can handle up to 8 PCIE ports, with this motherboard, the PCH uses only 3, the WLAN mini-card, the LAN chip and the chip of the Memory Card. In addition, the PCH can handle up to 6 SATA ports, but only two are used, the mini-card mSATA and the SSD/HDD 2.5" SATA. So, the connectors may be of the same shape, but the signals ( connections) are very different between PCIE and mSATA, I hope this answers your question.
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