TASCAM DA 30 AD-DA converters what should I buy to replace this setup?


Mar 19, 2014
I have been using my TASCAM DA 30 as a standalone unit to run my mixes through it's AD-DA converters back into my Mac Pro/MOTU 2408 MK3 DAW. I have been doing this for over 20 years and they sound great. The DA 30 is normalled to the 2trk return on my TT Patchbay which is connected to my Trident console. I believe that the balanced XLR connecters are what is returning to the patchbay. There are also 4 RCA i/os and a spdif in and out. The DA 30 has problems after a number of years, with it's door carriage. The belts tend to wear out and the door will not stop opening and closing. Unlike the DA30mk2 you have to keep a tape in record ready mode in order to engage the AD-DA converters. Over the years I have replaced the machine 3 times for about $100.00 used. It is cheaper than bringing it in for service. However, I am getting tired of doing this. There must be some sort of newer technology in an inexpensive AD-DA converter box out there that can do the job and sound as good as the DA30. Can anyone make a reccommendation? I have tried several different options like the Focusrite Scarlett i2, Sapphire Pro 14 and even a Gemini digital recorder. I can't seem to make any of these work because the signal comes in too hot and they don't have stereo balanced XLR ins and outs like the DA 30. The Gemini has balanced XLR outs but has 1/4' line ins. It has a Mic XLR in that is not stereo. I can't figure out why the mix is going in so hot. Even when I have the fader on the board almost down to - 50DB the routed mix recorded into Digital Performer is distorted. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.
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