TECHNIS SB-A28 What amp and wire?


Feb 4, 2018
Hi, I am not sure where else i could post this, But i'm just getting into home audios systems, I've done a bit of research and what not but i've been having troubles on a amp and what wire to use. I was looking on kijiji and found a pair of TECHNIS SB-A28 speakers for 100$ It seems like a pretty good deal and in amazing shape. But i'm stuck on what amp and wire i should use for these, The speakers say they are 8 Ohms with 240w (music) and 120w (din) whatever that means. Could anyone help me? I'm hoping to go somewhat cheap on the amp and wires. Thanks :)
Those are 8 ohm and have an efficiency of 89 db. That mean that they are easy to drive and will play moderately loud with modest power. So you want an amp with between 35-120 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Your price range will determine which one to get. A better quality used integrated amp will sound better than a cheap digital amp but you could use one if you wanted. The power ratings on these digital amps is always exaggerated.
Because that speaker can be bass heavyI would suggest you use 12ga copper speaker wire. That will allow the amp to start and stop the woofer faster by improving the damping factor. You probably don't need much so it will still be cheap. Don't get wire less than 16ga. Lower number means thicker wire.
Getting them off the ground about 8 inched will help the bass too. Experiment with that.