Temash Tablet as Razer Edge Pro alternative


Mar 20, 2013
When I saw Razer Edge for the first time i was so excited about possibility of running windows games on the go. My dreams crashed on hard surface of reality when I saw Egde's price tag. Since that moment I am looking for decent alternative. I mainly think about tablets with AMD APU, because Intel's Atom and Core integrated GPUs are not efficient enough.

First I was considering tablets with C-60, C-50, Z-01 and Z-60 AMD APUs (wiki).
This devices was pretty all with AMD APUs:
Acer Iconia Tab W500 (notebookcheck)
MSI WindPad 110W (techspot)
Fujitsu Stylistic Q572 (notebookcheck)

But when i heard about more energy efficient, lighter, slimmer and more powerfull Temash APUs i decided to postpone my purchase.

And I'm waiting and waiting for another month since January for first tablets with new APU.
MSI, Gigabyte and Quanta showed their designs on expo's, but only released device is chunky Toshiba Satelite Click.

So my question is: Where are those tablets? When those will be available?