Tom's Guide AMA - Lenovo ThinkPads!


Oct 7, 2014
Hey everyone!

Tom's Guide and Laptop Mag Editorial Director, Avram Piltch, will be hosting a live AMA covering everything related to the Lenovo ThinkPad series!

Joining him will be Kevin Beck, a Senior Competitive Analyst from Lenovo, who will help give some insight into the ThinkPad design and engineering.

The AMA will take place on Friday, May 6th, and there will be two ways that you can join in!

  • ■ There will be a text component that will take place on reddit from 10 am - 5 pm ET. You can find it here.
    ■ There will also be a live video component where they'll be showing off the latest ThinkPad model. This will take place from 1 pm to 2 pm ET and you can tune in via YouTube.

Can't attend either one? Leave your questions here! We'll monitor this thread for any questions you may have and do our best to respond to them here or in the video session.

We hope you'll tune in tomorrow!

-Tom's Guide Staff


Apr 20, 2016
So Ill ask the first question I guess. I am looking for a new laptop which I could use for 3D modelling and sketching for no more that £1400 so which option would be the best. The P40 YOGA seems like it wouldn't have enough power but be great for sketching. So my other option would be the P50, but does the wacom pen work on the touch screen so I could do sketches?

Thanks in advance.

I took the liberty of relaying your question over to the reddit thread where the majority of the action is going down. You can see the Lenovo rep's responses here. :)
Moloch, I noticed that you managed to catch the video segment! Hope it helped answer some of your questions. If you've got any more burning questions, feel free to ask em! We'll try to make sure Avram addresses it.