Solved! Toshiba satellite cl10-b-100 keeps randomly shutting down


Jun 25, 2018
Hello, its my first time posting here.

So my laptop keeps shutting down and resets bios (Bios asking for data and time) for no reason. It lasts maybe 3 minutes or less before shutting down. Temps are from 60 to 70C. The interesting part is, it doesn't shut down while reinstalling windows. Btw I tried 8.1 and 10 to install. After install, it just keeps shutting down. I suspect maybe its storage problem or memory, but there is no way to change it since its all soldered on motherboard and there are no slots. So if anyone have found a solution(s), please help :).

Sorry for bad grammar, not native language.


Sep 6, 2020
I hate to get this basic, but has your CMOS battery been checked or replaced? Anything less than 1.5V should be replaced. At least when you already have it open anyway,
no sense waiting for a issue.
New CMOS battery's are 1.65Vdc or so. And stays at that voltage for some time. The battery is actually stone cold dead by 1Vdc when measured out of circuit.
The processor temp is fine, that's what it should be when working, not idling. Have you been able to go into BIOS and do the settings and save them?
It is possible the temp sensor or something in the overheat circuit is an issue, causing it to shutdown unnecessarily. Though it does seem a bit far fetched.

If it can get through installing windows, not a overheat problem come to think of it. No SPECIFIC reason to think memory (RAM) either. Or power supply, as it can load fully.
Start with the CMOS battery voltage and report back. Measure both in and out of circuit voltages. Also, with cover off anyway, check for clean fan and cooling fins. Dust out whole unit. Best to get a container of "Wind In a Can" as I call it.

Your grammar is better than most americans, so no worries!!
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