Toshiba Satellite L300 Bios update failed and crashed system


Mar 12, 2011
Updated BIOS fully & now my laptop screen won't turn on(black screen). The unit turns on, the disc drive runs... but I now have a black screen. & Yes I tired to remove BIOS battery & reset It but still nothing. I tired overwriting system comands, recovery disc, boot disc... What can I do to get my system running again?
Please help!!
Unfortunately, there probably isn't much that can be done from your end. Your best bet is to probably get in touch with Toshiba and see what they have to say. If the laptop isn't under the 1 year factory warranty, my guess is that they'll try and determine if it was user error or a their error. If it was their error, they may fix it for free.


Mar 14, 2016
Can someone help me please with my problem. My Toshiba Satellite C660D-144 has black screen and keyboard lights stays on. I've tried to flash the bios through usb from Toshiba website the exact model bios, but it didn't work. And tired to flash with (USB Programmer CH341A) but nothing is working. Its bricked do I need SPI flash and where I can get the right file. I'm not expert in this case please consider if I write something that doesn't make sense. Please help me. Thanks