Toshiba satellite power cable suddenly stopped working


Sep 30, 2011
Hi there,

I've had my Toshiba satellite L450D-11X for 2 years but last night the ac cord quite suddenly stopped working.

I'd noticed for a week or so that the black box had started
making a very high pitched, quick and incessant bleeping noise (I just assumed this had always happened and I'd never noticed). While using my laptop last night it very randomly stopped recognising that the charger was plugged in, i gave it a wiggle which did nothing, and overnight it drained battery power and is now dead. All i've noticed is that when plugged in (to the mains) the black box still bleeps, and it changes pitch if I plug it into the comp and wiggle it (ie different positions/angles while plugged in have different pitches). It's all quite odd and annoying. Does it sound as if there is a problem with the laptop or all i need is a new and less noisy ac cord? (even with a discount at my uni its a flat fee of 59 quid to book in a laptop, is that normal?)

Thanks in advance, I'll really appreciate any help,