Transferring my Microsoft Office Professional+ 2010 "student" license to a new computer?


Sep 14, 2016
In 2010 while i was still in college I snatched up a cheap "student copy" of Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus. I installed it on my current laptop, but recently upgraded to a new 2016 era laptop. My question is: how do i transfer this "student version" of Microsoft Office 2010 to my new laptop? Is there any way i can "fish up" this key-code from somewhere inside my computer?

I want to sell/get rid of my old laptop, but i just cant live without this invaluable Office 2010 software - it's my "bread and butter" and i use it everyday.

Other info
- I no longer have original discs or key-code (moved a bunch of times, things were lost, etc)
- i've done my research and this is a "full" version of the software according to Microsoft
- also, money is tight thanks to Obama economy and i reeeeeeaaaaaallly don't wanna have to dish out another $150-$200 for a fresh copy of office
- i also have Visio 2010, but like w/ Office i lost the discs/key-code etc =/
- my Microsoft Word/Excel version is 14.0.7172.5000 (32-bit)

help! solution needed