tried aero snap on Windows 10, now my laptop will not recognize external monitor, is in power save mode monitor.


Jul 10, 2016
I have been using a Dell Monitor as an extension to my Samsung laptop. The other day I tried Aero Snap on Windows 10. Ever since I have not been able to use the Dell monitor,the screen is black and if I push any button besides the power button it shows "In Power save mode, press any button or move the mouse", but this does nothing. I have unplugged the vga cord, the laptop recognizes it when I plug it back in but it still goes into power saving mode. I have uninstalled the driver, and reinstalled, I have cut off snap, nothing seems to work. In the device manager, the monitor is showing as a generic monitor, I went on dell to try to download the driver but couldn't find it, I hooked the monitor up to a different laptop and it works fine. Does anyone have any ideas?
Although you have probably checked the drivers, and the system says they are fine, I would recheck that, and make sure there are no missing or uninstalled drivers. From your making the change.