Trying to increase HP Pavilion CPU GH output


Jul 27, 2017
I'm new to PC gaming, and while I know that an HP Pavilion isn't a powerful rig, it was advertised as being capable for gaming and graphics.

The cpu uses a quad core of AMD A10 Extreme Edition Radeon r8, 4C + 8G 2.0GHz

whenever a game exceeds a 2.4 GHz minimum it absolutley craps out, but with all 4 active shouldn't the GHz go up to 8?

I just went through and updated all of the drivers for nearly the entire system and it performs more smoothly for the games I already could play, but when I went to a "can I play this" site it said my CPU couldn't meet the 3GHz minimum spec.

Am I misunderstanding how the quad processor works, or is this as simple as a box i haven't checked yet.