Trying to turn my monitor into a TV


Aug 11, 2015
I'm in need of some help.

I'm a college student who gets a bunch of channels free through my university, all we need is a coax cable. Since I already have a monitor I don't want to buy a TV.

Here are my questions:
Is there a way to hook up a coax cable to my monitor? I have am hdmi and vga slot open.

Are there generic coax cables that I can buy? I don't have one.

My monitor doesn't have speakers, how would I get the sound coming through the coax cable?
Given that you would have to use a tuner box and something for sound it makes more sense to get a TV. You can use that as a 2nd monitor if needed. You can also have the TV running while you are working on the other screen. A small TV should be pretty cheap (used or new).


Nov 28, 2011
It depends on your monitor. Most do not come with tv tuning capabilities and you would need a TV Tuner card in your PC.

FWIW when I was in college I was able to get a cheap ($5) TV at a pawn shop, about the same you'd spend on an adapter or tv tuner.