Turntable > Preamp > Active Speakers


Apr 6, 2015
Hello internet,

So I'm looking to get a turntable and realise I also need a preamp and active speakers for the simplest setup, but I was wondering how many RCA cables I actually need.

It's probably quite nooby question as I have no idea what I'm doing, but is it one Phono to RCA from the turntable > preamp and then ANOTHER from the preamp > speakers? (i.e do I have to buy two instead of one?)

Thanks in advance
Most turntables have their own RCA cables. If the turntable doesn't have a built in phono preamp then you will need one pair of cables to go from the preamp to the speakers. If it does have one built in you don't need any additional cables, make sure that the phono preamp is on (the switch is usually under the platter) and connect the turntable to the speakers directly
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