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Oct 4, 2018
For 5 years I have had my 50-inch Panasonic television connected to my RCA home theater system using an OP 1 cable. I have no speakers connected to the receiver with the home theater system because I only use the audio headset Jack to run the sound with earbuds 12 feet away feet away to the sofa. Suddenly after 5 years the earbuds and receiver with the home theater system just stopped working! Of course I check to make sure all connections were good which they were I simply can get no sound out of the home theater receiver, net speakers not audio jack with earbuds nothing. Today I went to BestBuy and talk to a technician recommended a new up one cable explaining that they were fiberglass and simply something could have worn out. I also noticed lately that some of the lights on the panel of their home theater receiver were fading and the remote wasn't picking up the signal for the home theater receiver very well... So I replaced it with a brand new RCA home theater receiver same make and model that I had before. So now I have a brand new receiver same model and make us before with a brand new optic cable which is the only thing connecting the two things... Still not working can not get any audio to come out of the RCA home theater system with a speaker or with the head jack earbuds... I'm baffled and so is Best Buy.... any suggestions as to why these two components that have been working for 5 years suddenly simply won't work!? My only guess is that the part in the television that allows for the Optimum cable to go in has blown out from daily use.
The "tech" at BB is an idiot. An optical cable is a light tube and can't wear out from use. It could get badly kinked but even if you removed the plugs at the end you could tape in in place and it would still work.
1. Check that the optical output on the TV is turned on in the TV menu. Sometimes the settings just change for no apparent reason. You can tell it's on if you see a red light at the end of the optical cable.
2. On some AVRs the optical connection has to be assign to an input. Setting sometimes just disappear so check this too.
3. It is possible that the optical out of the TV died. It sounds like you have cable. If you use a cable box that will likely have an optical audio output. You would have to set that to work correctly in the cable box audio menu.


Mar 16, 2017
"My only guess is that the part in the television that allows for the Optimum cable to go in has blown out from daily use. "

This could be as it seems you aren't getting output from the TV.

...but perhaps there is a setting in the TV for enabling and disabling this output and perhaps it got switched somehow. Just something to look into.

Another thing you might do is find another amp that takes an optical input and try that with the TV. This will definitely tell you whether it's the TV or not....but I'm thinking pretty strongly that it is.

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