TV speaker problem


Sep 9, 2017
Ok so I have this mind boggling problem. You first need to know this.
I have a TV box that provides channels and also has a built in DVD player.
I usually have a speaker bar that is always plugged in to my TV which doesn't have any problem running.
Recently I found some oldish speakers (bought more than 20 years ago. really good quality though).
I decided to plug it in to my TV for better sound quality. So far so good.
This is where it gets weird:
So one day I want to watch a movie and strange thing the movie sound isn't working (using the 20 years old + speakers)
I try different movies and I realise that no sound works with any of these movies when I use these speakers.
I then try to reconnect the speaker bar that I used before and magically it works.

I've used the same optic cable for plugging in both of these speakers and somehow movie sound don't play on these really good quality speakers even though when I put the TV channels, everything works fine...
I don't get why sound doesn't play just on movies. Please help
Since you are feeding digital audio via optical cable to the speakers it's possible that the default audio from a DVD may be incompatible with the speakers. You can try changing this in the DVD player menu or the disc menu.