Two Philips GoGear Aria issues: can't sync; can't safely remove in MTP


Sep 9, 2008
I just purchased the Philips GoGear Aria (16 gb) and updated its firmware. I also installed all available important and optional windows updates for vista.

The first problem I have is that whenever my aria is in MTP mode, I never see it listed in the "Safely Remove Hardware" window. However, if I put my aria in MSC mode then it shows up in the "Safely Remove Hardware" window and I am able to safely remove it. Is there a way I could "safely remove" my aria when it's in MTP mode? I can't change the connection mode while the aria is connected to my computer, otherwise I would try to switch the aria to MSC mode and then attempt to safely remove it. The reason why I need to use it in MTP mode is because I don't have any other way to make playlists (my aria won't sync, so I have to make my playlists manually).

The second problem I have is that both WMP11 and Rhapsody crash whenever I simply plug in my aria (something causes them to "stop working"). Using one of these programs would be really helpful in organizing media (e.g. making playlists). Here are some screens:

Thank you so much for reading this far, I would really appreciate any help!


Philips have a decent support site, as far as I could tell. Worth raising with them as it's a new purchase.
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