Unable to find driver's for Bluetooth headset (iLive IAHBT45 v1322-01)


Dec 15, 2014
So, I've had an old TRENDnet TBW-101UB V3.0R Bluetooth dongle for years and it hasn't failed me once. I've had it work with various devices, most recently connecting my Wiimote and an old Lego Mindstorms NXT; I'm pretty sure it works just fine. What I am having problems with is a Bluetooth headset I just got today (iLive IAHBT45 v1322-01). Initially worked fine with my phone. I listened to some music for a bit, so the headset definitely works. I went to pair it up with my computer (running Windows 7 64-bit), and it seemed to be working fine, as it was found and Windows Update began searching for drivers. But that's where it failed, unable to find anything. I tried searching on the internet for drivers or people with the same issue, but it's as if this model from the manufacturer is non-existent nowadays, only able to find a download of the "manual" already included with the device, and some very basic information after digging deep into the manufacturers website. I've tried the troubleshooting within Windows, and also tried uninstalling the Bluetooth dongle from my system completely, reinstalling it, and trying the headset again. But nothing I try works.
It's not that the headset is completely useless, as it has a wired mode that'll work just fine, but this was a replacement for the headset I had been using for the past two years (and had just given out), and I was looking forward to getting away from using something wired. Any suggestions?


Sounds like the headset is probably BT3+ and the adapter you have is only 2.0 compatible, but hard to tell because the headset is a crappy no-brand garbage type (no specifications, no real manual, not even FCC certification number!). You'll probably need to get a more modern bluetooth adapter if the headset works with a phone, because that adapter must be a decade old already. Plenty of cheap BT adapters for USB2.0 and BT4.0+, a decent one that works shouldn't cost more than $20
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