Underrated adapter to half of the specs - will it work ?


Apr 20, 2009
I have a ASUS G53SW (i7 version) and I have already replaced 3 adapters and two mobo repairs.
Now, The adapter seems to power a laptop that needs 3.25 A and 20 V, with the adapter supporting 20 V and 6 A.
The question is: is the power adapter only supplying half of it's specs regarding amper, or is the laptop busted again ?
The thing is that I tried powering the laptop with a 19V and 4.62A PS and nothing, no lights. Is it because the laptop is underpowered and doesn't detect the correct power ?

I'm not a newbie at this but I'm just hoping for a cost-effective explenation.


According to the specs for that laptop your adaptor should provide 19 volt at 6.3 amp.
The 4.62 amp adaptor will not have been able to supply enough power and shut itself down hence why your laptop would not power up.