Unfixable Flash Player problem

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Milton Huynh

Aug 4, 2015
This happens about 20 minutes after I start up my computer. Facebook freezes and displays "A plugin (shockwave flash) isn't responding. YouTube page loads but video can't play even though the video plays. Other websites that use flash cease to work also. The same is for all three browsers (chrome, firefox, internet edge)

The weird thing is, if I restart my computer, it will all be fine again, and then flash player breaks again after 20-30 minutes. Even Spotify stops working, the song won't play and I can't change the song. Websites that use flash and spotify work for 20-30 minutes and then they encounter problems after that, causing me to restart my computer again.

This started to happen after I downloaded Windows 10.

I have tried:
- Installing new display driver
- Installing new sound driver
- Clear flash cache
- Reinstalling flash player v18
- Ran a full malwarebytes scan

Since spotify also stops working at the same as my browser's flash player stops working on all three browsers, I know the problem comes from my computer not the browsers. I regret downloading windows 10, it has caused my so much inconvenience. I have no idea what to do, please help me.

update: Steam (valve) won't open, spotify opens but won't play songs. what's going on?

update: I believe flash is not the problem but something on my computer is causing flash to crash


Nov 8, 2016
I had a similar problem with Windows 10 and my older laptop Acer 5349-2899.

Flash Player worked fine for years. I did often disable the Goggle Flash because it slowed down the computer. Manually clicking the videos worked fine.

For no apparent reason problems started. Youtube videos would start and immediately cut off. Other videos would flash a starting image, immediately cut off, but the progress bar would continue. Clicking on the progress bar would bring up a preview image so I knew that it was loading.

I tried re-booting and changing different settings. Nothing worked. I read about the audio being a problem. I tried headphones as suggested. No result. I tried disabling the audio. No result.

Eventually I decided to update my audio driver. Even though the Acer site said my current driver was fine, I downloaded a driver anyway. After download and re-start my Flash Player is back to normal.

A caution for Window 10. I wanted to try going back to a restore point. I learned that my free Windows 10 upgrade didn't start keeping restore points. Once I am certain things are normal I'm going to create a restore point.

Maybe this will help someone else.