Question Uninstalled GPU now laptop can't detect it no matter what

May 27, 2019
i tried updating my nvidia drivers and it was giving me a windows error so looking online i read that uninstalling the graphics card on my computer would help but it sure did not and now my computer does not recongnise that it has a graphics card in device manager i tried everything i could find (looking for hardware change, showing hidden devices, installing the drivers manualy) im really truly desperate which is why im making this post so if anyone has any help please help me.
May 27, 2019
UPDATE: i managed to fix it by reinstalling windows and now it detects it normally if anyone was having this problem i recommend this as a last resort only because it takes a very long time and you lose a bit of your personal files.

I also want to thank rgd1101 for trying to help me even with the little amount of information i gave them.
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