Apr 6, 2018
I'm working on a customers mac book pro which has the issue of constant restarting. When I first received the laptop, it wouldn't make it past the boot up screen. After trouble shooting with the various solutions google provided, the problem still persists. However, there are some boot ups now that will get me to the login screen, and sometimes I'll even get logged in for about a minute before another restart.

I've checked the RAM as well as trying different sticks.

There's no 3rd party hardware attached.

I cloned the HDD from my personal mac onto a brand new HDD and the problem still occurs.

I performed a power cycle.

I ran the disk utility

I've booted in safe mode

I reset the PRAM/NVRAM, as well as the SMC

When I checked the file system there seemed to be 3 possible errors involving the touchpad, internal keyboard, and the "Apple IRC Controller."

I'm currently out of ideas, any help would be appreciated! Thank you.