Unusual problem - Samsung Tab screen is black when trying to unlock


Mar 21, 2016
Please help !! My Tab has an unusual problem. I have a Samsung Galaxy 2014 10.1in Tab.

I have tried all the hard reset options of Power button + Volume keys. Screen turns ON and works normally after the restart. However if the screen locks out or if I lock it, the screen will not show a display even after I press the home button or power button. The battery is almost 100% and I know the screen is ON because I can feel the haptic feedback when I try to swipe my pattern (I know location of pattern on screen even when it is blank).

I have reset the tablet to factory settings - same problem reoccurs.

I have used the Samsung Kies software on my computer to reset the tab a second time - still no luck. The screen is ON and works great the first time after a restart. However, once I lock the screen, it doesn't show up again.
From what you are saying I cannot think of a simple fix other than something internally may be loose, or loose only some of the time. However your screen may also just be going as well.

Best bet would be to take it in to see what it would cost to have a local tech repair or replace it.

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