Update drivers for Hd Radeon 5650 Mobility "Switchable

Terry Holland

Aug 30, 2013
Helloes all.

I don't know how to remove actual Gpu drivers as when i removed Ati Catalyst Install package from control panel that was only removed,but in device control place it's shown that Amd M880G with Ati Mobility Radeon Hd 4250 & Ati Radeon Hd 5650 still exist.

Drivers for Radeon Hd 5650 r from 15.4.2010 and when select update from net in device control then says that system detects that drivers are latest :eek: :/ Since This HP Pavilion dv7-4142eo Entertainment Notebook PC uses: Video Graphics ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 Graphics(switchable)& Ati Mobility Radeon Hd 4250 for use when laptop is being used with battery power"

Do i install this "13-9_mobility_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc_whql" Catalyst Package now after removed old Ati Catalyst install package as OS is Win7 Home Premium x64 with only 4gb Ram by default when was bought. ? Does that come with switchable or do i get BSOD if install only Hd 5650 and not other one..Laptop asks do u want to switch to 4250 when using battery power so just wondering that.

Details from laptop.


Friendly regards: Terry


Oct 28, 2013
When installing a new set of drivers, AMD is pretty good at handling what is left laying around.
If you were to re-install the catalyst, you could then uninstall it, and one of the options while un-installing is to "remove anything AMD" existing on the machine.
Then you can install clean.

Sorry, but I don't understand your 'switchable' scenario.

Terry Holland

Aug 30, 2013

Thanks for the friendly reply :)
I installed Ati Mobility Catalyst package from Amd's website in yesterday and it messed up everything..i was told that can take from there and not from manufacturer where drivers are as old as this laptop has "from 2010" :/
After installation there was no Display Adapter shown @ all when right clicked on desktop and checked screen resolution and advanced settings.

It also reduced the actual desktop "screen" size to 40% and luckily came back to normal size after reboot,but still had no Display Adapter at all,but instead showed some Vgaseries name with no drivers.
Was able to use restore system to right and got Ati Radeon HD 5650 back to show as Display Adapter and with old drivers given by Hewlett Packard.

So now guess that can't update this laptop's Switchable Gpu Drivers at all from 2011 which came with rig when was bought.. :/

Switchable means that M880G 4250 is to be used when using laptop with battery power and Radeon 5650 when using with power cable. There always comes a window popping up and asking whether to switch for 4250 when using laptop with battery power.

Friendly regards: Terry

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