Upgrading Laptop HDD to SDD but stuck. Help Please! (I know nothing)


May 3, 2015
Hi all. Hoping someone with more brains than me (that seems to be most of the human race btw) can help with these two issues that's probably an easy fix...

Anyway, I recently got myself an ASUS G751JT laptop. It's great and all but for gaming with newer AAA titles the existing 7200rpm HDD is a little slow so I'd like to upgrade to an SSD...
I had a couple in mind:

Sandisk Ultra II 960 GB


Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB


Now here's the ish, I have no idea if either will work with my laptop, how to format them (if required), how to fit them and... linking to my next problem, how to get my OS on it which is currently windows 8.1 on my M2 SSD which wouldn't let me upgrade to windows 10 for some reason (I'd just as happily keep the OS on the M2 and upgrade it there... or even somehow transfer OS to HDD and get a larger M2 and transfer OS back... nnngg too many options see?)
Tbh I'd just go for the best advice from folks who know what they're about :)

See, questions lead to more questions and problems multiply etc... that's life I guess. Anyway, if someone can help me clear one or both issues I'd be very grateful and also educated (and there's no finer gift) I would also be a happier me and my gf would love you to bits as I'd stop worrying...

Ta and have a happy new year!


Jan 3, 2015
Hi, Upgrading to a solid state drive can help improve game performance but not by much. These SSD's you have link should work without an issue. However when changing system hardware in laptops you may be best to re-install your operating system although it is possible to clone partitions if you have 2 drive bays.


May 3, 2015

Ah, maybe I didn't phrase my question well. It's not the game performance that troubles me (GTX 970 is better than anything else I've had yet, even if it's the mobile version, and I'm happy to turn settings down if need be to get better fps) No, it's the loading times I'm finding too long namely on Atilla and Rome 2 TW, CoH 2 etc and especially on Just Cause 3 which I intend to buy on Steam this weekend (it's a big deal in JC3 forums, everybody says without an SSD the game is just too much of a waiting game to bother with) Tbh I'd be happy to splash on an SSD if it saves me hours of accumulated waiting times over the next year...
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