Uprade a Lenovo E330 in 2019 or not?

Apr 29, 2019
Hello together,

I want to upgrade a old Lenovo E330 for my Dad.
He primarily uses it just for browsing and YouTube with Chrome.

These are the specs of the Laptop:

Intel® Core™ i5-3210M Ivy Bridge Dual-Core Prozessor 3. Gen max 3.10 GHz
4GB PC3-12800 1600MHz DDR3 RAM Arbeitsspeicher (max. 16GB)
750GB 5.400upm Hard Disk Drive Festplatte (SATA II 3.0Gb/s, 2.5")
16GB mSATA™ Solid State Drive (SSD) via PCIe Mini Card Slot
Turbo Cache 33cm (13.3") HD (1366x768) Anti-Glare Widescreen-Display (LED-Backlight, 200 nits, 16:9, 500:1 Kontrast)

I installed a Slim Linux Version on it, because Windows is running very slow on the 4GB of RAM.

I want to Install additional 8GB of Ram - so it has 12GB all together.

I also plan to replace the HDD with a 500 GB SSD.

The final step would be upgrade the system to Win10..

The upgrade cost would be around 125€.

Do you think its good to upgrade this old laptop for his use, or should he buy a newer model for around 700€?

Thanks for your help.
For basic use, an SSD with Linux on it is fine. Web browsing and YouTube does not need Windows on it, would be wasted cost for a license and time to install it if everything works on Linux. 500gb SSD for web browsing is also too much, a 120 or 250 gb one is fine.