Urgent: Black/Blank screen upon boot


Jul 17, 2016
Hi, recently my Dell XPS L501x laptop has been acting strange. When I power it on, the screen is blank with nothing visible at all (not even the cursor). I can't see the windows logo, and I can't access the BIOS or anything else (since screen is blank). I can hear the sound it makes when you reach the log in screen and log in, but again the screen is blank.

Now, to fix this I pressed the F1 key (change projector mode) a couple times and the screen shows up, but if I close the lid or alt-tab out of a full screen game it reverts back to the blank screen and I have to repeat the process. I've tried everything I could find on the Internet but nothing has worked so far.

Recently I tried to uninstalling the nividia and Intel graphics driver from device manager, but I think that made it worse...Now I can't even get the screen to show up by pressing F1 or Windows+P.

Maybe something can be done with blind keystrokes? Please help urgently. I need this laptop for work.
You say that you recently tried uninstalling the drivers, but you don't say if you reinstalled them? If you didn't, or installed the wrong ones, then this could be your problem.

When you can access the screen, try locating and installing the correct drivers for your device. I would check the computer first, as that will have (well should have) somewhere on it, the original drivers. If you can't find them there, try searching online for the originals, not any updated or more recent ones.

Hopefully that will resolve the issue.

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