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URGENT Macbook wierd backlight problems



So a friend came out to me about his macbook's backlight. He said that after loggiing in the backlight turns off after 1 min but he can still barely make out images. So I said I would take a look and after unassembling it, I reached the inverter but its a wierd issue. I initially thought it was the inverter and was about to order a replacement when I discovered that after taking out and reconnecting the cable it works. But after a while it turns off again. If i immediately reconnect, the time the backlight is on is shorter every time. If I leave it for awhile than reconnect than the backlight stays on longer. So could it be the lcd bulb? I want to fix this for my friend asap so any ideas?


I've figured some stuff out. I used my old macbook and his macbook to switch parts and after switching everything I figure that it wasn't the inverter or the cable but it was the lcd. Switching his with my inverter and connecting my wires to his lcd made no difference. All his stuff work on mine also. So I'm pretty sure it has to do with the actual lcd. But what I'm not sure is what I'm exactly supposed to replace now. Do I have to replace the whole LCD or is there like a bulb I have to replace?
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