Urgently need help buying a laptop :(


Jun 2, 2016
Hello guys ,

i want to buy my girlfriend a new laptop for her birthday next week , i have been watching at so many models with so many different things that now im very very confused and i don't know anything about laptops , i hope you guys can help.
What is the laptop for :
- mostly youtube , facebook ,etc
- newbie picture editing mostly for facebook :p, you know , add some stupid lame ass effects and stuff
- some hearthstone and other shitty games .

up until now i managed to set apart this 2 laptops , but im not convinced :

If any of you have some spare time , please , please , please take a look at these laptops maybe u can find something better :
This is the full list of laptops that this website has . i want to spend a max max max of 600€ , but i'd be happier with 500€ :)

And for those who don't have time ,
Is 4GB RAM enough ?
Is 2Ghz CPU enough ?
Is the integrated HD graphics enough for stupid games as hearthstone ?

Thank you very very much .


Feb 22, 2006
Generally the iGPU should be okay for Hearthstone and LoL, etc. If you want more graphics performance your going to have to spend more $. The 2 options that you have should do fine for your needs.

The things I look for in a laptop (my needs are a bit different than yours) are:
* Get a good screen resolution (1920 x 1080 for >=15" screen). I also prefer an IPS screen, but for the budget you probably won't have this option.
* 8 GB's of RAM (4 is doable, but can slow things down in some situations). Since your going to be using the iGPU, you will need to use some of the system RAM to run the iGPU. So if you have 4 GB's of RAM in the system, some of that RAM is used for the iGPU (usually configurable from 256 MB's to usually 1 GB's).
* SSD is my preference. Once you experience one you won't go back to a spinning HD.

Those are some of the things I look for, but those are some of the major ones that I look at.
I would buy the following Acer Extensa 2511G for 540 €. It has a 4th generation core i5-4210u CPU and more importantly a nvida 920m dedicated GPU. The performance difference between a 4th and 6th gen core i5 CPU is pretty small so it is nothing to be bothered about. The nVidia 920m is not a powerful GPU, but it is better than the Intel HD 520 in the HP 250 G4 laptop. The laptop also have 8GB of RAM; I think it is a single stick which means it should be possible to up to 16GB of RAM, but I doubt she needs that much RAM.

Either of the 2 should be good. The one with the igpu should have better battery life. 4 gigs is good for you need and the intel hd gpu will be able to play heartstone. The one that jaguarskx suggested is more powerful .