Aug 21, 2014
I want to clone my existing 500GB HDD to a new 500GB HDD, I'm trying to use Macrium reflect Free V7. I was following this video.

This is what I did in accordance with the video

I downloaded Macrium, ran it and created a bootable USB.
I created a macrium system image file on a separate storage device.
I took out the existing HDD I want to clone and inserted the new blank HDD I want to clone into into the HDD slot on the laptop.
I set up the BIOS to boot from external drive
I then connected the USB with bootable media from Macrium and the storage device with the image on it.
I selected the source as the image on the storage device.

When I went to "destination" the only destination the software could see was the external storage drive. In other words it couldn't detect the new HDD I had inserted (or at least I couldn't see it on offer)

What have I done wrong?