Apr 16, 2012
This question is addressed to anyone who still has a Vaio laptop and has created a recovery media for it.
So, I have a Vaio laptop. It has its Windows 8 sources on a hidden partition (three actually). Now I tried installing a clean windows 8 version (i.e. not the OEM one supplied by Sony thaat includes all kinds of proprietary Sony stuff) hoping it might fix some issues my laptop was having. Well, it didn't but when installing it complained that "Partitions on GPT disk are not in the recommended order" and whatever it did, it seems to have broken my Vaio recovery button, which sits above the keyboard and reinstalls Windows from the hidden OEM partition. I still have the data from the partitions and I can access them if I make them visible using the Partition Manager in Windows, but the special recovery button that the laptop has no longer sees them. I can assume that the retail Windows "fixed" the partition order. The problem is I want to go back to my original version of Win8 that came with my laptop, but since I haven't created the recovery media, I can't. I have a 32 GB USB stick, but I don't know what files to include on it and how they are to be structured, because the VAIO laptop can't work its magic anymore to create my recovery media on its own. Can anyone who has created a recovery media for their Vaio laptop post a screenshot of what it contains?